Korean Tea Ceremony

Pyebaek is a Korean tea ceremony, traditionally hosted by the parents of the groom. this ceremony is the formal joining of the two families and a way to welcome the bride into the groom's family. Pyebaek is not only a way to pay tribute to the Korean heritage and tradition, it is a fun way to celebrate the Korean culture. we offer all-inclusive packages to elevate the experience of your wedding day. 

All-Inclusive Package:

Traditional Background Panels

Complete Pyebaek Outfits with Accessories 

High Quality Hanbok for the Bride and Groom

Traditional Wooden Mat

Silk Cushions

Wooden Tables

Teapot & Teacups


English MC Service

Please note that hanbok is worn beneath the Pyebaek robes.

All-Inclusive Pyebaek Package


Modern Pyebaek Package


Soo's Pyebaek